THE MEDIUM IS A MESS: a photographic project about the Reggio Approach

The Medium is a Mess, Jason Fulford

In fall 2017, Studio Blanco invited US photographer Jason Fulford to come for a week to Reggio Emilia, Italy, and take pictures inside the ateliers of Reggio Children to document and celebrate the creative process globally known as the Reggio Approach.
Typology: Book and exhibition
Year: 2018
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The Reggio Approach
Implemented in schools around the world, The Reggio Approach is based on a few simple principles: the presence of both a kitchen and an atelier inside the school, the fact that teachers work collectively and families get involved and, most importantly, the conviction that children should always be at the core of the educational process.
A Semantic Mishmash
In Fulford’s pictures, shapes, colors and faces from the Reggio ateliers are juxtaposed to urban details shot by Fulford in the streets of Reggio Emilia, Japan, Korea and the United States. Layer after layer, new meanings emerge.
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An All-round Editorial Project
“The Medium is a Mess” was launched in April 2018. An exhibition with Fulford’s pictures was held at the Studio Bianco Archive during the 2018 Fotografia Europea festival in Reggio Emilia. A limited edition book curated by Studio Blanco was sold in the most renowned art and design bookstore, in Italy and in Europe.
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A tribute by STUDIO BLANCO and JASON FULFORD to one of the most renowned educational methods in the world