Developing a tailored digital identity for MILA SCHÖN

Mila Schön

Italian fashion label Mila Schön asked Studio Blanco to rethink its digital presence. We went back to the origins, digging into the archive of the brand and developing a clean and pure layout in which sartorial cinematographic dresses stand out against a backdrop, while mixing fashion, art and stories.
Client: Mila Schön
Typology: Website
Year: 2015 – 2018
Category: Digital
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The importance of heritage
Mila Schön is internationally known for its sobriety and elegance. While redesigning the website, these keywords – together with the word heritage – were constantly in front of our eyes.
Mila Schön’s Atelier
Fashion photographer Katerina Jebb was commissioned to launch and present the new Made to Order collection. Lucid Dreams of the Bourgeoisie narrates the intimate complexity of a woman alone with her thoughts in a rich bourgeois house.
Mila Schön goes digital, EMPOWERING ITS VALUES and heritage