A dedicated website to present FERRAGAMO PARFUMS in the digital world

Ferragamo Parfums

Studio Blanco was asked to design and develop the first website ever for Ferragamo Parfums. Seamless, completely responsive and complete with an ecommerce section, the website showcased Ferragamo's fragrances, philosophy and values through an editorial and emotional approach, mixing landscape images, videos, sounds and stories.
Client: Salvatore Ferragamo
Typology: Website
Year: 2015
Category: Featured, Digital
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Website navigation, 2015
From Emozione to Signorina Misteriosa
Created in 2015 for the global launch of Ferragamo's iconic fragrance Emozione, the website was completely redesigned in 2017, when Ferragamo presented the new fragrance Signorina Misteriosa.
Website layout, 2017
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Website layout, 2017
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Website layout, 2017
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Website layout, 2017
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Website layout, 2017
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Social networks
For the global launch of Signorina Misteriosa we also released #yourlifeisaplay, a digital campaign aimed at engaging the younger audience on Facebook and Instagram and create buzz around the new fragrance.
The launch of the Ferragamo Parfums website had an IMMEDIATE IMPACT on sales, both online and in stores