Finding muses and inspirations for Italian brand SERGIO ROSSI

Sergio Rossi A/Muse

Asked to implement a web project that could improve the quality of storytelling around Sergio Rossi, Studio Blanco created A/Muse, a digital journal aimed at exploring the brand’s luxury lifestyle at 360°.
Client: Sergio Rossi
Typology: Digital journal
Year: 2014
Category: Digital, Narrative
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An Exciting Publishing Platform
A/Muse set a new tone within Sergio Rossi's dialogue with customers: it's an entertaining journey through art, fashion, culture and heritage, broadcasted from a carefully designed digital space.
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Dialogue Through Content
Over the course of two years, all content was posted on the website and on Sergio Rossi’s social media platforms, to allow for a more direct and informal dialogue with the customers.
Through a custom editorial project, we managed to convey a new form of BRAND STORYTELLING to a wide audience of customers