LIVING DESIGN ISSUE: a printed journal to explore the latest design trends

Living Design Issue

Living Design Issue is a spin off of Living, the monthly magazine about interiors and lifestyle that Studio Blanco has been art directing since 2013. Living Design Issue is published biannually as a supplement of Corriere della Sera, the most popular Italian newspaper.
Client: Rcs Mediagroup
Typology: Magazine
Year: 2013 – 2018
Category: Creative, Narrative
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To emphasise the up-to-date vibe of the publication it was decided to print it on newspaper press, a format immediately associated to the latest news.
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Over time, Living Design Issue has hosted contributions from Metz and Racine, Rachel Thomas, Gianni Pezzani, Alessandra Salaris, Omar Sartor. Constance Guisset, Tom Dixon, Roberto Baciocchi, Matteo Cibic, Francesca Sarti, Chiara Andreatti, Pietro Russo and Jean-Philippe Delhomme, among others.
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Fresh and colorful, Living Design Issue has become a MUST-READ for any DESIGN LOVER