Bitossi Ceramiche

Bitossi Ceramiche stands as a testament to the tradition and contemporary artistry in the world of ceramics. Founded in 1921 by Guido Bitossi and now under Ginevra Bocini Bitossi's art direction, the brand seamlessly weaves the designs of masters with the fresh perspectives of contemporary artists, creating a unique collection of ceramics. To shed light on this approach, we created a culture-driven social media ecosystem based on craftsmanship, heritage, and innovation.
Client: Bitossi Ceramiche
Typology: Social Media
Year: 2024
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Understanding the Brand Universe
At the heart of our social media strategy lies the desire to transmit the heritage-driven contemporary narrative. The brand produces a fusion of ceramic masterpieces by esteemed designers in the likes of Aldo Londi and Ettore Sottsass and the innovative creations of contemporary designers like Muller Van Severen, Faye TooGood, Max Lamb, Pierre Marie and many more. We have highlighted this mosaic to form the foundation for their digital narrative.
As the collections showcase exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design, the digital space becomes a platform for immersive storytelling, emotional comfort, and seamless purchasing experiences.
Building a Network
We devised a unique voice for the brand by curating culture-focused content beyond product promotion. This strategy includes interviews with designers and essays by cultural ambassadors taken by the brand anniversary book curated by P.S. - Design Consultants.
We aim to offer a glimpse into the philosophies that shape every creation.
Behind the Scenes
Establishing their expertise in ceramics as a core pillar, we opened the doors to their workshop and archive to the digital world, offering a look at the main aspects that define the brand. We believe that showcasing the journey from concept to completion is the means to appreciate the mastery and artistry inherent in Bitossi’s creation.
Newsletters and Website
In tandem with our social media strategy, we extend our reach through newsletters and website content that serve as a dynamic bridge between commercial endeavors and brand universe building. These pieces of content offer an intimate glimpse into the company, its collaborators, and collections.
We established a STRATEGY that positions BITOSSI as a leader of contemporary ceramic expression