Pioneering a modern voice within the classic art of hat-making with BARBISIO


Barbisio is a historical brand of Italian headwear. Founded in 1862, it is a niche high-end brand that has recently become part of the Zegna group. With the desire to refocus their voice and image, the brand has invited us to tell its long story using a contemporary vocabulary.
Client: Zegna Group
Typology: E-commerce
Year: 2022
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Strategy and Rebranding
We worked on declining the narrative to a bolder, edgier and more dynamic storytelling. By merging Barbisio's longevity and experience with a fresh tone of voice, we created a bespoke narrative that sets Barbisio apart from the competitors, making its voice unique.
Web Presence
Barbisio's history did not tie us to an obsolete image, it was rather used as a solid base for experimentation: for the new virtual boutique, old and new were mixed effortlessly. The new website is in fact an active research for a new voice for a classic garment.
An editorial side, strongly led by imagery, puts in an active dialogue between newness and history. The user experience is designed to be bold, colorful and functional, qualities directly translated from the brand's new ethos.
Form and Function
A social media strategy followed suit to the new image created for the brand. Creative approaches were implemented to give the brand an edgy personality and build a company culture that contextualizes the brand's motto "Form and Function" by creating a strong voice that stands out in the current market.
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Moving away from the classic luxury hat aesthetic, we focused on a graphic approach with a crisp and minimalistic style, treating every hat as a colorful piece of modern art.
We have created a MODERN company culture for Barbisio while preserving its rich HERITAGE