Based on a real love story: LORO PIANA Summer campaign

Loro Piana

While the global population was facing a lockdown and countless restrictions, the luxury company Loro Piana approached us to create, develop and execute their summer advertising campaign. Our art direction overseeing visuals as well as content resulted in a compelling digital ADV plan put in place with the help of the photographer Josh Olins who shoot his partner and muse Conie Vallese in their New York home.
Client: Loro Piana
Typology: Campaign
Year: 2020
Category: Featured, Creative
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Josh and Conie
Conie is an artist, painter and sculptress from Argentina. Josh is a globally renowned fashion photographer. Working from their beautiful penthouse, the couple created a narrative that blurred the line between real life and staged photography.
Summer finds you everywhere
We asked Josh and Conie to play with the idea of quintessential summer activities in a home setting, merging reality and fantasy. Video and photography worked together to convey the nuances of their relationship in a subtle and refined way.
From strategy to poetry
Together with the pictures, we delivered a social media editorial strategy and a series of bespoke captions that could add a further poetic dimension to the storytelling.
We’ve got consumers to empathize with the brand through an advertising narrative BASED ON REAL LIFE