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La Manufacture 2020

La Manufacture is an up-and-coming French lifestyle brand, targeting the upscale market with both a design collection and a fashion capsule. Prior to the 2020 launch, we were asked by La Manufacture’s creative director Luca Nichetto to conceive the brand’s identity by conveying an integrated visual and communication strategy.
Client: Cider
Typology: Branding
Year: 2020
Category: Creative, Digital
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Creating a brand code
First we developed a visual identity that could efficiently be translated into a series of declinations and patterns, to be used both on La Manufacture products and in the interiors of their Parisian boutique. We worked on identifying a brand code and an appropriate tone of voice. The resulting set of values was then translated into all elements of a corporate image, from packaging to shopping experience, official documents layout, merchandising, website and everything in between.
Intimate digital spaces
We created a functional web space to deliver the brand’s belief and tell the background. Then we put in place a social media strategy, aimed at completing the brand’s online presence and sharing the human side of its narrative.
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Shooting the design collection
We worked with Spanish photographer Salva Lopez to shoot La Manufacture’s design collection inside Complesso Monte Amiata in Milan, a masterpiece by Italian architect Aldo Rossi. The pieces were captured in minimalistic graphic compositions featuring rationalist architectural elements to create a strong juxtaposition between the product and the background.
A nonchalant fashion catalogue
The desire to adopt an informal lifestyle approach to fashion imagery led our efforts in the making of La Manufacture’s fashion catalogue. The resulting portraits appear nonchalant and unpretentious, thus producing a sensation of proximity with the subjects.
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The corporate image takes tridimensional form inside brands’ Parisian boutique, designed by Nichetto Studio, where our codes and monogram for La Manufacture adorn fixtures and unexpected details all around the space.
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In 12 months we devised a FULL COMMUNICATION STRATEGY that positioned the brand into a relevant tier of the current luxury market