Curating an itinerant WORKSHOP that examins the poetry of the PRADA RAFFIA collection


Raffia Lab is a research and performance project that explores the contemporary gestures of raffia weaving, curated in collaboration with artist Clara von Zweigbergk, who designed four artisanal raffia artifacts for the occasion. These objects were displayed and recreated live within several Prada boutiques worldwide.
Client: Prada
Typology: Activation
Year: 2023
Category: Featured, Creative
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Clara von Zweigbergk
Clara von Zweigbergk is a Swedish artist who works with textiles, sculpture, and installation. Her body of work explores the relationship between graphics, colors, craft and technology. For the Raffia Lab, Clara created several bookmarks that deconstructed and highlighted the complexity of raffia weaving.
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Contemporary Craftsmanship
The Raffia Lab is an etude on craftsmanship. On this occasion four artisanal bookmarks were made by hand using traditional weaving techniques based on contemporary, bold, graphic patterns chosen in close collaboration with the Prada design teams. During the activation phase, these objects were recreated in front of the Prada public, aiming to show participants how beauty and knowledge can be transmitted through the tips of the fingers.
Boutique Set up
The weaving laboratories were set up in several Prada boutiques and were open to the public. The boutique scenography imitated a traditional artisanal workshop, bringing on-site worktables, tools, and materials for weaving. Guests were invited to learn about weaving and take a souvenir raffia object home, as well as a Prada notebook made available for note-taking on the illustrated techniques.
Global Events
The Raffia Lab became a modular global event held during July and August of 2023. The weaving laboratories were set up in coastal holiday locations such as Capri, Forte dei Marmi and Cancun and in metropolises like Shanghai, New York, London, Geneva, Berlin, Seoul. The events were conducted by Clara herself and local artisans.
We divulged the CRAFTSMANSHIP of the Prada raffia bags through a series of engaging activities