Creating a poetic narrative for RUBELLI's artistic capsule collection

Luke Edward Hall for Rubelli

The English artist and designer Luke Edward Hall created a capsule of hyper-decorated, dreamlike fabrics for Rubelli, the Venetian textile heritage brand. The collection with the evocative name "Return to Arcadia" was unveiled during Salone del Mobile 2022 with an installation and a publication designed by us.
Client: Rubelli
Typology: Catalogue
Year: 2022
Category: Creative, Narrative
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Return to Arcadia
The collection designed by Luke has classical antiquity, seventies geometries, large floral bouquets, stripes and pastel tones as core elements of the artist's distinctive aesthetic. We borrowed this language to create a voyage inside his creative process.
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Beyond the product
Inspired by the stories every fabric has to tell, our goal was to build a universe that went beyond the end product. Watercolor paintings, handwritten notes from the artist and photographs were documented with great care in this collection book.
We created a COLLECTION CATALOGUE enriched with the CAPTIVATING NARRATIVE of the creative process