Exploring color and matter with LORENZO VITTURI’s Totem for KERAKOLL

Lorenzo Vitturi for Kerakoll

Kerakoll is one of the leading players in the high-end color and surface market. To showcase their collections and potential uses, we have partnered with Italian-Peruvian artist Lorenzo Vitturi to create "Totem”, a series of five abstract sceneries constructed using materials from the Kerakoll Color Collection.
Client: Kerakoll
Typology: Artistic collaboration
Year: 2023
Category: Creative, Narrative
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Five Metaphisical Architectures
Crafted over a four-month period, these sculptures embody the artistic vision of Lorenzo Vitturi, the renowned Italian-Peruvian artist celebrated for his work that seamlessly blends photography, sculpture, and installations.
"As an artist with Peruvian roots, the vibrant saturated hues of the earth are part of my heritage and culture. There's often a fear of color in Europe, a reluctance to embrace boldness. But I find that color is essential for bringing life and energy to a space. The "Totem" series is an ode to the chromatic symphony that surrounds us and I hope that it will inspire others to be embrace more color.”
Color and Texture Palette
Starting with the brand’s vast color palette in all its textural declensions, the artist has created contrasts - lights and shadows, lights and darks, smooths and roughs, highlighting chromatic and textural depths – a recurring theme in all of the Vitturi's visual works.
Voyage to Venezia
Lorenzo Vitturi's lens brings the Five Totems to life in imaginative landscapes set within his Venetian atelier, as an homage to the city where they were created. These images not only document the project, but also offer an additional layer of meaning to the project, paying tribute to the cultural heritage of Venice.
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We added a new layer of narrative to Color Collection with a prestigious collab in between ART, DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE