Blending heritage and nowness with LA MANUFACTURE’s exhibit at CASA MANZONI

La Manufacture at Casa Manzoni

During Milan Design Week, we created an unexpected dialogue between the contemporary design of La Manufacture and the historic Casa Manzoni residence. Mesmerized by the history of the palazzo, the former house of writer and poet Alessandro Manzoni, we crafted an immersive installation taking inspiration from his masterpiece, “The Betrothed”.
Client: La Manufacture
Typology: Spatial
Year: 2023
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360° Experience
Our work has encompassed every aspect of the event, from the concept, production and identity design to the scenography, soundtrack, and even the culinary experience, while set designer Greta Cevenini was entrusted with the furniture set-up.
Social Media Strategy
La Manufacture's social media strategy for Milan Design Week was designed to foster a dynamic and engaged community, bringing together the brand, designers, and followers in a cohesive and captivating manner.
Bucolic Landscapes
Inspired by the Lombard natural landscapes so dear to Manzoni, we created a scenography that immersed the exhibit in lush greenery and wildflowers, thanks to flower designer Enrico di Chiacchio.
Original soundtrack
The ethereal strings of Mary Lattimore’s harp filled the room with a symphony composed for the occasion. These notes were juxtaposed with the voice of actress and performer Elena Rivoltini, who recreated the natural images described by Manzoni in unexpected ways.
Visual identity
The exhibit's visual and signage mixed an audacious yellow with playful literary elements such as torn pages from "The Betrothed”.
Through this IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, we refined the brand’s perception, prompting new conversations around La Manufacture.