Envisioning a new, more conscious and transparent AERON


Aeron is a niche womenswear brand founded in Budapest by Eszter Áron and now part of the Vanguards Group along with Nanushka and Sunnei.

In 2022 the brand decided to reinvent itself. To mark the beginning of their new era as a more conscious knitwear studio, we were invited to redesign Aeron's visual language. Since then we have created a 360° digital and physical rebranding for the company.
Client: Aeron
Typology: Branding
Year: 2022
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In celebration of all women
Aeron’s new company ethos is centred around the idea that their woman is not a singular entity, but rather a community of multifaceted individuals. All the steps taken towards the new identity have been a reflection of this understanding.
The new visual identity is designed to encapsulate the brand's personality and its commitment to creating products that are inclusive, conscious and timeless.

A reflection of the brand's evolution and its dedication to responsible fashion is exemplified by the introduction of the "Zero" modular knitwear line, which is produced in a way that minimises environmental impact.
Social Media
In order to establish consistency across all platforms, we have developed a comprehensive set of social media guidelines and an editorial strategy. This includes guidelines for visuals, thematic pillars, graphic layouts, and tone of voice.
To honour Aeron’s new path, our rebranding began with the revamp of the company's existing logo, followed by the creation of a new typography, layout and palette.

The refreshed design aims to strike a balance between maintaining a sense of familiarity with the previous identity, while also introducing a more contemporary aesthetic.
Printed Matter
Inspired by the effortless minimalism of the brand, the packaging and stationery employ conscious materials with the core colours of black and off white, and a new mimosa yellow as an accent color.
The yellow is used sparingly throughout the visual identity and serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it helps the brand to stand out. On the other hand, it provides a visual cue to the brand’s forward-thinking and modernity.
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Communication Materials
A comprehensive set of visual guidelines has been created to serve as a foundation for all internal brand communications. These guidelines promote a clean and structured visual identity, providing a clear and consistent framework for all of Aeron's communications.
We created a REBRANDING that guides AERON's new path, providing a more luxurious, conscious and intimate 360° brand