Rebranding the VANGUARDS group to pioneer where luxury goes next


The fashion group Vanguards, led by an influential roster of international industry veterans, supports exciting fashion houses like Nanushka, Aeron and Sunnei. It stands for democratized luxury and inclusivity with a community-first approach and puts responsibility at the forefront. We’ve worked together with the founders to create a completely new brand identity woven consistently into all touchpoints, both within the digital milieu and on all printed matter.
Client: Vanguards
Typology: Branding
Year: 2022
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Our rebranding started by giving a new edgier vibe to the Vanguards logo and its identity. The “r” glyph is curved upwards and it symbolizes the avant-garde vision of the group and its brands.
Following their tagline – “Leading where luxury goes next”, we developed a sophisticated and dynamic visual vocabulary while strengthening the brand perception and its sense of reliability.
Printed Matter
The stationary employs sustainable and organic materials in muted and timeless tones, plus a flashy Klein Blue to achieve a bolder feeling.
Social Media
To ensure consistency on all platforms, we created a set of social media guidelines and a full editorial strategy including visuals, thematic pillars, graphic layouts and tone of voice, making sure their corporate communication is interesting, human and effective.
We devised an omni-channel language for VANGUARDS and positioned them as an esteemed player in the avant-garde fashion system.