Elevating MASSIMO ALBA’s online presence through a sentimental journey

Massimo Alba

Founded in 2006, Massimo Alba is synonymous with a classic, poetic, and timeless wardrobe. Through a refined nostalgic approach, we created a new web space where the brand's identity can be experienced fully, departing from the personality of its founder.
Client: Massimo Alba
Typology: E-commerce
Year: 2023
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Crafting a visual universe
The new website is a sentimental journey into the world of Massimo Alba, featuring super 8 films, watercolors, blurry photos, and nostalgic playlists.
Just as the collections express sophisticated craftsmanship and timeless design, the digital space becomes a place of experiential storytelling, emotional comfort, and seamless purchase experiences.
A poetic lens
The result is an immersive portal offering an exclusive perspective on Massimo Alba's world, filled with stories, experiences, and projects, all with a contemporary twist.
A living brand encyclopedia
The online realm of Massimo Alba is designed to evolve continuously. This website serves as a digital encyclopedia, unveiling the passion and artistry that underlie Massimo Alba's creations.
We curated a  TAILORED SPACE  that resonates with the brand's commitment to CONTEMPORARY ELEGANCE