Finding a brand new narrative for WALLPAPER* CHINA DESIGN AWARDS

Wallpaper* China Design Awards

We developed the digital branding for Wallpaper* China Design Awards 2023 held in Beijing. Our 360 approach included branding, guidelines for visual communication, and signage to elevate the event's identity.
Client: Wallpaper China
Typology: Branding
Year: 2023
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Everything started with the logo
We revamped the two-dimensional asterisk Wallpaper logo, turning it into a seemingly cockade to embody its award function. We then designed nine asterisk-like characters, each one representing a different award.
A tailored narrative
To do so we played with primary colors and color block designs, developing a vibrant and dynamic identity.
A unique committee
The jury included well-known names such as Formafantasma, Irma Boom, Paola Antonelli, Thom Mayne, and Wu Hung.
From digital to physical signage
We crafted Wallpaper's digital, social, and physical profiles, with the latter seamlessly extending its presence across the cityscape. We then edited several teasers, shortlist announcements, winner videos and so on, incorporating the characters to boost brand recognition and enhance the new design.
Global social media outreach
The communication extended to the website and all social touchpoints, including national ones such as WeChat.
The result is a VIBRANT VISUAL IDENTITY to engage and enhance the audience's experience.