Redesigning the digital presence of pioneer clothing company WP LAVORI

WP Lavori in Corso

More than three decades ago WP Lavori in Corso established an aesthetic and business model that not only brought them success but also helped to define the way in which an entire generation think about clothing and design. Armed with the skill to anticipate future fashion trends, the revolutionary retail experience they strived to deliver - “the concept store” - was truly ahead of its time.
Client: WP Lavori in Corso
Typology: Website
Year: 2018
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WP now distributes and acquires some of the best original brands from all over the world such as Barbour, Blundstone, Woolrich and Baracuta, assuring them a premium positioning through dedicated showrooms and retail network. In 2018, Studio Blanco was asked to revive its pioneering approach by translating it on digital media.
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Mixing editorial content with seamless design we delivered a website that talks both to industry leaders and to consumers, covering WP’s unique history, unrolling the fil rouge that joins its brands and showing how each of them evolved from its original premises.
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We also developed a social media strategy focused on Instagram, to narrate WP and its brands through a creative and diverse editorial selection.
WP'S passion for RESEARCH and ORIGINALITY has now a place in the digital world