Reshaping KERAKOLL showroom with STRATO by MARTINO GAMPER

Strato by Martino Gamper

Kerakoll assigned us a challenge: bring a new vision to life in their Brera showroom during Milan Design Week 2023. With the help of designer Martino Gamper and the stylist duo Cameranesi Pompili, we created Strato - a spatial concept based on stratification in cyclical patterns.
Client: Kerakoll
Typology: Spatial design
Year: 2023
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“With Strato, we lead ourselves to reflect on the purposes of design today: with society facing ethical and environmental imperatives, design should not feel constrained to create new objects but rather inspired to reconsider and value what exists in infinite renovation and improvement that benefits from both creativity and technology.”

The Strato project involved the concept of layering new colours and surfaces onto existing ones to create a new entrancing mesh.
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Bespoke Furniture
Moreover, Martino Gamper crafted a series of site-specific furniture with colours and surfaces from Kerakoll’s Color Collections to offer visitors an exciting and tailored experience.
Set designers Cameranesi Pompili curated a vibrant palette to transform the brand’s showroom space using colours and surfaces from the brand collection.
Digital Strategy
We curated the whole project launch - from PR to visual communication and social media strategy - incorporating a three-phased approach designed to capture the imagination of design enthusiasts worldwide.
Behind-the-scenes teasing and real-time broadcasting ensured that our message resonated beyond the duration of the event.
We have created a CONTEMPORARY SPACE in line with the brand's new vision, bringing a PLAYFUL and WELCOMING APPROACH