Playing a game of creativity and fashion with Miralem PJANIĆ and IMPERIAL


Back in 2019, Bosnian footballer Miralem Pjanic became a testimonial for fashion house Imperial. Since then we’ve been in charge of the creative concept and execution of both the digital and print advertisement material. After working with photographer Charlie Engman for the previous season, for the SS20 campaign we decided to take a radically different approach.
Client: Imperial
Typology: Campaign
Year: 2019 - 2020
Category: Featured, Creative
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Miralem as a movie star
In the new “I’m Pjanic” campaign, Miralem acts as a charismatic movie star. We’ve opted for a minimalist set and a strong focus on the subject through cinematic lights and dramatically clean imagery. Photographer Julien Martinez Leclerc captured Pjanic with a neat and yet warm visual approach. The styling is by Anna Carraro.
For the previous season, we had fun with a set run by a touch of unpredictable: a moving avalanche of soccer balls interacting with our protagonist to bring the comfort zone of a soccer field in the perimeter of a photo studio. Charlie Engman shot the project with intuition and playfulness for an absolute win.
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We’ve EVOLVED THE BRAND’S VISUAL language by embracing a more sophisticated photographic approach