PINFOLD is a set of trays that celebrates Italian craftsmanship

Pinfold, Doppia Firma

For the 2016 Salone del Mobile Studio Blanco was invited to join “Doppia Firma" (“Double Signature” in English), a project meant to create a unique collection of sophisticated works, each the result of creative exchange between a designer and the practically unique expertise of an Italian craftsman.
Client: Doppia firma
Typology: Trays set
Year: 2016
Category: Creative
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The Magic of Imperfection
We worked with Tuscan master of scagliola Bianco Bianchi to create “Pinfold", a set of trays that can be put together or used separately. We challenged Bianco Bianchi to reproduce by hand what the computer takes a few minutes to do today, adding the magic of controlled imperfection.
Sculptures or Trays
By using the art of scagliola, we took a minuscule aspect of our land and crystallized it in each piece: the flora, the water, the geometrical patterns of the floors in old buildings. The result is a set of trays containing miniature fantasy landscapes, that can be put together to become sculptures or totems for display, or used separately as tools for carrying food and drink. Between contemporary graphic design and ancient artisanal engravings, we created a unique, distinctive collection.