Ana Kras: muse and designer for MARELLA ART.365

Marella ART.365 Ana Kras

Our partnership with Marella initiated in 2019 when we were asked to create a compelling narrative for the Marella ART.365 capsule collection. Pinpointing an artist akin to the brand’s spirit and creating a bespoke advertising campaign surrounding that affinity was our starting point. The visual and content art direction followed along with the conceivement of a giveaway catalogue and the creation of the Marella store windows layout.
Client: Marella
Typology: Campaign
Year: 2020
Category: Creative
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Marella365 Catalogue
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Marella365 Catalogue
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Marella365 Catalogue
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Ana Kras
The designer and photographer Ana Kras, New York’s creative scene muse, was chosen as the face of the Spring Summer 2020 campaign and photographed by Carlotta Manaigo
On and off camera collaboration
To unfold our ambition of bringing the collab beyond a sole physical appearance of the model in the visual outputs, we’ve also involved the multidisciplinary artist in the design process of the Marella boutique windows in Milano.
We’ve ENHANCED the 365 collaborative project by involving a renowned artist both as a muse and as a designer.