Amanda Charchian’s self portraits for MARELLA ART.365

Marella ART.365 Amanda Charchian

We’ve been working with Marella since 2019 on the identity for ART.365 capsule collections. Since day one, our main goal has been involving personalities in collaborations with the brand that went beyond a sole physical appearance in the visual outputs of a campaign. Ana Kras, the previous year's muse, stared in the adv content and conceived the shop windows design of selected boutiques. For SS20 we came up with a concept that required multitasking abilities and interdisciplinary talent.
Client: Marella
Typology: Campaign
Year: 2020
Category: Creative
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Self Portraits in Villa Borsani
In a 1960s villa designed by architect Osvaldo Borsani, US artist Amanda Charchian acted as both the photographer and the model for a meta-narrative project. The use of self-portraiture allowed us to break the usual photographer/subject dynamic and deliver a visually nuanced output that allowed the spectator into the artist’s own emotional debate.
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Illustrated Catalogue
Amanda further consolidated her contribution to the campaign by juxtaposing playful elements and bold geometric details to her self-portraits, thus turning the print catalogue into a colourful, visually impacting object.
Acting as a cinematographic footnote to Amanda’s photographs, we produced a short film capturing the artist on and in between sets, in natural, nonchalant poses that convey a sense of charm and intimacy.
We’ve created a MULTILAYERED COLLABORATION that overturns the clichés of fashion adv