Translating DODO’S unique mix and match opportunities into a digital tool


Dodo is an Italian jewelry brand of the Pomellato group, famous for its playful personality and for its charms, which can be endlessly combined to convey plenty of stories and emotions. Studio Blanco was asked to translate the brand philosophy and its product features into a digital tool.
Client: Dodo
Typology: Digital app
Year: 2015
Category: Digital
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An international collaboration
We asked Hvass & Hannibal, a duo of Danish illustrators, to interpret the joyous nature of the brand in a way that could encourage people to participate, combining the charms online as if they were sitting in a jeweller’s room.
iPhone friendly
The website app was then adapted for mobile devices, turning it into an entertaining pastime for subway rides and waiting rooms.
We managed to turn a functional app into a CUSTOM DESIGN PROJECT that could engage the users, reflect the brand promise and reinforce its identity