Going digital with COVA, one of Italy’s most glorious pastry companies


Cova, a Milan-based pastry company with over two hundred years of history, asked Studio Blanco to help them going digital, taking their timeless taste online and translating it for a global audience.
Client: Pasticceria Cova
Typology: Website
Year: 2018
Category: Digital
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A traditional pasticceria goes global
Founded in 1817 by Napoleonic soldier Antonio Cova, Cova is one of Italy’s oldest pasticceria. Part of the LVMH Group since 2013, Cova has exported premium Italy pastry and style around the world, opening more than thirty venues in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Monte Carlo and Dubai.
A distinctive digital presence
To praise the global reach of Cova’s activities, we created a micro-website for each pasticceria. Design and photography are aimed at highlighting the specificities of each global venue within the common frame of Italian identity and perpetual elegance.
E-commerce and mobile
The websites are responsive and designed to thrive on mobile devices. An e-commerce platform will be launched in 2019.
From local to GLOBAL, from physical to digital, Cova has established itself as a global CONTEMPORARY ICON within the pastry world