Playing a game of creativity and fashion with Miralem PJANIĆ and IMPERIAL


After the Juventus Turin soccer maestro Miralem Pjanić and Imperial have signed a collaboration agreement, we’ve been asked to create a bespoke advertising campaign for the project that launched in Fall 2019. The starting point was the slogan for the collab - I’m Pjanić, a world play on both names - that became the basis for the printed and digital ADV campaign.
Client: Imperial
Typology: ADV campaign
Year: 2019 - 2020
Category: Featured, Creative
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A decisive match of fashion and soccer
We’ve chosen to create a dynamic set where a moving avalanche of soccer balls interacted with our protagonist to bring the comfort zone of a soccer field in the perimeter of a photo studio. The enrollment of Charlie Engman as the lead photographer allowed us to add his arty and surreal signature style to the mix.