Infusing the IMPERIAL image with sophisticated inventiveness

Imperial 2020

We’ve been working since 2018 with the Italian fast fashion house Imperial to create an elevated and contemporary idea of the brand through sophisticated campaigns. After four seasons with the English photographer Tom Johnson, we’ve enrolled a new creative team to help us build yet another atmospheric and emotional tale.
Client: Imperial
Typology: ADV Campaign
Year: 2019 – 2020
Category: Featured, Creative
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A new chapter
For Fall Winter 2019/20 we asked the French photographer Arnaud Lajeunie and the Italian stylist Rossana Passalacqua to lead a new, more intimate and cinematographic creative vision. The campaign is a succession of visual inputs that from static images lead to video modulations to cover every need on print, web and social media platforms.
Our CREATIVE DIRECTION added a new standing to the historical Italian clothing company