The Future is Unwritten

A limited edition of Tarot cards, The Future is Unwritten is a psychological joke toying with our anxieties about the future. Ironically, these cards redirect our focus from the future to the present. It allows us to deal with the now. This project is an invitation to accept the unknown.
Date: Dec 2012
Details: Tarot set - 22 Major Arcana Cards
Box 10 x 13 cm, Fedrigoni Imitlin paper lining, gold hot foil print
Tarots 10 x 13 cm, b/w Offset, front and back gold hot foil
Copies: Hand-numbered limited edition of 250 copies
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"Reinventing the 22 pictures composing of the Major Arcana, Studio Blanco illustrates two actions: on one side Tarots are turned into an aesthetic "divertissement", on the other one - through reversals, double takes and alterations of the original pictures - they become different, playful, and earthly." — excerpt from the press release, text by Federica Sala.