A Nonexistent Exhibition

The second chapter of the editorial series A Nonexistent Exhibition, Everyday presents the daily life of 22 international artists through visual contributions, some of which are previously unpublished. Curated and designed by Studio Blanco, Everyday features work by JH Engstrom, Kim Gordon, Todd Hido, Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Nadav Kander, Richard Kern, Thurston Moore, Ola Rindal, Viviane Sassen, Laura Sciacovelli and many others.
Date: Nov 2010
Details: Book plus bookmark 114 pages, color Offset, 18,5 x 25 cm
Cloth softcover with silkscreen, paperback, printed on Arctic Paper Munken Lynx
Copies: Hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies
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