Doppia Firma


For the 2016 Salone del Mobile Studio Blanco has been invited to join “Doppia Firma" (“Double Signature” in English), a project by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, Living and meant to create a unique collection of sophisticated works, each the result of creative exchange between a designer and the practically unique expertise of an Italian craftsman. Among the designers taking part in the project Michele De Lucchi, Francesco Simeti, Giacomo Moor, Marco Zanuso, Matteo Cibic, Matteo Zorzenoni, Pietro Russo, Studiopepe and Ugo La Pietra.
Date: Apr 2016
Details: Set of six scagliola trays with brass frames
h 3 cm - Ø 30 cm, 20 cm, 12 cm
Copies: Limited edition
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We worked with the Tuscan master of scagliola Bianco Bianchi to create “Pinfold", a set of trays that can be put together to become sculptures, or used separately for carrying food and drink.