Vestoj x Palais De Tokyo

On Authenticity

We are curating with Anja Cronberg a Vestoj residency program at Palais de Tokyo in Paris within the frame of La Manutention format.
Launched in 2017, La Manutention is a new Palais de Tokyo project which encourages exploration and experimentation, by giving artists the opportunity to develop their practices and produce original performances for the duration of a month. We are curating three evenings dedicated to exploring the Vestoj universe through three recent journal themes: ‘Failure,’ ‘Masculinities’ and ‘Authenticity.’

Thursday 06th December is dedicated to Authenticity.
Date: Dec 2018
Location: Palais de Tokyo
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"Stay true to yourself. ", "Be yourself.". These truisms and tautologies have grazed many a coffee cup, self-help book and T-shirt. Curiously, as philosophers debate the collapse of authenticity in a postmodern world, in consumer capitalism it has taken on a supreme importance: in fashion it’s the holy grail. Terms like ‘artisanal,’ ‘heritage,’ ‘crafts- manship’ and ‘storytelling’ have become buzzwords. We speak of ‘real clothes’ as opposed to ‘fashion,’ and ‘real people’ as opposed to models. But is this authenticity a real ideal or another staged production?

With contributions from artists and performers such as Sissel Tolaas, Bless, Moullinex, Guillaume Sorge, Etienne Blanchot, Topper Harley, Choir of Complaints, London College of Fashion alumni and many more