La Cenetta with Rose Greene

Milan and Reggio Emilia

 La Cenetta welcomes Rose Greene, a talented and young Irish chef coming from Belgium via Kobe Desramaults’ In De Wulf. Rose Greene hails from Multyfranham: the youngest of a large family, she had many great influences surrounding her from an early age. Raised on her mother’s dairy farm, she enjoyed the simple pleasures of helping her hand churn butter, aiding her brothers with the cows when calving and learning about wildlife and nature with her father. 
Date: Feb 2017
Location: Milan and Reggio Emilia
Photos by: Omar Sartor
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Her drive to become a chef started pretty early, leading to studies in Culinary Arts. After graduating first went Edinburgh, cutting her teeth on several restaurants. After many years of moving and changing kitchens and countries, came In De Wulf, moving to the little Belgian village of Dranouter, which became home away from home for almost 5 years. Quickly becoming sous chef, she rose to the challenge of building a solid structure within the kitchen allowing for the team to expand and develop, within a year she proceeded to head up the restaurants research and development, experimenting with fermentation. The diversity of lactic acid bacteria in her experiments aided their research into the health benefits of fermented foods which are now one of her great passion.